World Rubber Week 2017

Supporting Associations:

Established in 1951, the Thai Rubber Association is recognized by the Thai government and respected by the public as the central rubber organization of Thailand in which the government and the private sector can collaborate. Currently, TRA comprises 55 processing and exporting members. Collectively, these enterprises produce and export about 85% of total Thai natural rubber production in various forms such as Ribbed Smoked Sheet, Technically Specified Rubber, Concentrated Latex, etc.

 VRA is a legal entity and non-profit organization, represents the Vietnam rubber industry in participation, negotiation and signing of cooperation agreements with worldwide rubber organizations under the Government’s approval. VRA provides recommendations to governmental agencies on strategies, policies to support and encourage business in the Vietnam rubber industry and related industries.

VRA has been operating since the end of 2004. In February 2017, VRA has 134 members who are state-owned, private, joint-venture and foreign capital enterprises, comprising of producers, processors, manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers and organizations of finance, research, training, supporting and services related to the Vietnam rubber industry.

VRA is currently the member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the International Rubber Association (IRA), the ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC), the Panel of Associates of the International Rubber Study Group (IRSG) and the collaborator of the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC).

In December 2006, VRA established the Vietnam Rubber Export Insurance Fund (Fund). Members who voluntarily participate in the Fund contribute up to 1% of their natural rubber export turnover to this Fund. The Fund would be a timely financial support to reduce risks in rubber production and export activities of members. The Fund also supports trade promotion for members and VRA’s development activities.

Since late 2014, the National Office of Intellectual Property has granted VRA Certification Mark “VIET NAM RUBBER” on domestic protection, which is the legal framework for the industry brand building. VRA has been continuous registration procedures for international intellectual property protection of this Certification Mark in target markets. In 2016, VRA has deployed the Phase I by issuing the use authorization of the Certification Mark to some typical members to create a basis for building up and developing the Vietnam Rubber Brand.

Media Partners

Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for the global crude, oil products, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation industries.
Argus, through its purchases of DeWitt and Jim Jordan & Associates (JJ&A), offers a full range of international petrochemical information services. Argus DeWitt reports cover global trade and pricing for aromatics, olefins, butadiene, methanol, MTBE, hydrocarbon resins and other petrochemicals. Argus DeWitt publishes nearly 200 price references, which are widely used in index pricing and for analytical purposes. In addition to reports, Argus DeWitt provides consulting services and publishes multi-client studies.

ICIS is the world's largest petrochemical market information provider, and has fast-growing energy and fertilizer divisions. Our aim is to give companies a competitive advantage.
We deliver trusted pricing data, high-value news, analysis and independent consulting, enabling our customers to make better-informed trading and planning decisions. Our global team covers over 120 commodities across markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.
ICIS also provides a number of FREE resources to keep you informed of what's happening in the markets you're interested in. Sign-up to ICIS e-newsletters ( ) to receive regular market updates, price trends, analysis and outlook articles on your areas of interests.

For 24 years IRJ has been bringing comprehensive coverage of the Rubber Industry and during that time, the IRJ has evolved and grown due to our subscriber base and our advertisers. IRJ is the dominant source of Rubber Industry news worldwide.

We intend to keep growing, evolving and improving. Our aim is to engage the Rubber Industry even more on a global level and bring the most comprehensive and timely coverage. Ever since the first issue of the IRJ in July 1993, it has been a real privilege to keep our readers informed of news, events and highlights of the international rubber & tire and rubber-related industries. IRJ gives unique access to the Indian Rubber Industry while chronicling events and news related to the Rubber & Tire Industry in every part of the world.

We hope that our readers, advertisers and friends, will continue to support our success, even as we document yours.

Published weekly since 1963 by the William F. Bland Co., PetroChemical News (PCN) is a four-page news report dedicated to the worldwide petrochemical industry. We cover new plants, expansions, mergers, technologies, etc.

Published since 1985, Plastics and Rubber Asia (PRA) magazine has become a stalwart in the plastics and rubber industry in Asia. PRA is published eight (8) times a year and boasts a circulation of 110,000 copies a year, including bonus distribution in key international industry events. It is supplemented by print vertical periodicals of Rubber Journal Asia (RJA) and Injection Moulding Asia (IMA). PRA is attuned to the shifts in global economic eminence, and technology updates in the plastics and rubber industry. PRA has also increased its online penetration via which also hosts RJA ( and IMA (

RFP Rubber Fibres Plastics international is a specialist magazine, with 4 issues per year and 5000 copies/issue. It is published in English language and covers topics specifically relating to the rubber, fibre and plastics industries and is distributed worldwide. The content includes technical and application orientated papers, as well as scientific reports dealing with raw materials, machinery, applications, measurement and control.

Rubber Asia, the largest selling Asian magazine on rubber, is the most comprehensive publication to give regular in-depth coverage of the global rubber scene, with focus on Asia. It fills the information gap on products and processes, including auto and tyre industry, trade, plantations and allied sectors.

The highlights of the magazineincludes exclusive interviews with industry leaders, corporate and individual profiles, columns by experts, industry trends and analyses, research articles by scientists and technologists, besides news and features.

Rubber Asia has also published some best-selling rubber-related handbooks and directories like Asian Dipped Goods Handbook & Directory 2004, Global Handbook and Directory on NR & SR Lattices 2006, Global Handbook and Directory on Rubber Machinery, Equipment and Accessories 2008, China Rubber Handbook & Directory and Asian Rubber Handbook & Directory 2011.

With all this treasure-trove of information and editorial excellence, Rubber Asia is today atrend setter in rubber publications segment.

Online since 2006, RJA is Asia’s first e-magazine for the Asian rubber industry, and has been specially designed for the Asian rubber machinery manufacturers and rubber chemical producers as well as rubber processors. As a one-stop website, RJA provides up-to-date news that is pertinent to the rubber industry, and covers a wide range of topics such as corporate reports, industry news and trends, product and chemical news, and more. For more information, visit

This magazine has been published since 1998 under the guidance of Dr.Sanit Samosorn, ex-Deputy Director General, Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Thailand.
An updated information on technology , market and trade policies will generate unaccountable benefits for any businessman. This magazine is a window to a pool of vast information on plastic and rubber industries and a link to new business relations across the world.
This magazine has thousands of subscribers nearly in 59 countries. The subscriber number has been increasing in geometric progression since it started.

Tire Industry Research is a small, highly-focussed company analysing all aspects of change in the global tire industry. We publish a weekly newsletter on China's tire industry. This is unique in the tire world, bringing current information from China to a Western audience. We also have a monthly newsletter focussing on analysis and interpretation of the global tire industry. This is now published in English and Chinese and we will be adding more languages during the coming year. Our chief researcher is David Shaw, well-known for his insightful analyses on LinkedIn and elsewhere. We are based in London, England, but serve major clients including tire makers, upstream suppliers and tire trading and wholesalers around the world.

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