World Rubber Week 2017



Wednesday, 22 March, 2017


Registration & Networking Lunch


Welcome Address


Introduction from Mr Salvatore Pinizzotto, Secretary General, IRSG


Welcome Message from Mr Satvinder Singh, Assistant CEO, IE Singapore


Keynote: Climate Smart Agriculture: Synergies and trade off
Looming climate change and “smart” agriculture opportunities to align with it is a risk mitigation for plantations and smallholders across various crops? What synergies and trade off can be brought in through CSA?

Speaker: Mr Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Olam International


Plenary 1: Global Economy Outlook
The global economy appears to be changing rapidly and unpredictably. There still remains structural flaws and policy constraints that hinder growth in mature economies in general. How will trade policy changes impact global growth, as emerging economies, including China, could see growth rates approach more balanced levels. What will be the impact on commodities markets and commodity prices?

Speaker: Mr Jason Schenker, President and Chief Economist, Prestige Economics


Fireside Chat: “What’s Next” for commodities and rubber.
Moderator: Mr Michael Coleman, Managing Director, RCMA
Mr Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Olam International
Mr Jason Schenker, President and Chief Economist, Prestige Economics


Networking Tea Break


Plenary 2: SR dynamics – Overcapacity looking forward
Current market environment with over capacities and price pressure coupled with tyre-sector leaning towards high- performance rubber, what are the challenges and opportunities in the SR industry?

Speaker: Mr Juan Ramon Salinas, Managing Director and CEO, IISRP


Plenary 3: Commodity regulations and risk management strategies of the commodity exchanges
Do regulations curb price volatility in commodity markets? Can single market be an aid for price transparency?

Speaker: Mr Tan Tee Yong, Director, SGX


Panel discussion: Consolidation in the value chain and its potential impacts


Is consolidation of the value chain a logical consequence in a market that can better influence future demand and supply or is it happening due to price pressure and over-capacities?

Chairman: Mr Robert Meyer, Executive Director and CEO, Halcyon Agri
Mr Ashish Govil, Senior Vice President, Olam International
Mr Chris Pardey, CEO, RCMA
Mr Sandana Dass, Managing Director and CEO, R1 International

1800 – 2000

World Rubber Summit Networking Reception


Thursday, 23 March, 2017


Plenary 4: China tyre industry growth – will it change the Global Game?
Rubber consumption in Asia–Pacific region, with a predominant global share, is driven by China centric growth in tyre sector. Is China’s growth ambitions premised on a sustained new normal economic reality or reliant on the impact of further policy easing to stimulate a rebound soon? What are the strategies to cope with innovation, technology and new regulations under emerging scenarios?
Speaker:  Mr Giuseppe Cattaneo, CEO, Pirelli APAC


Plenary 5: Smallholder risk management: Producer perspective
There are growing concerns on ensuring a sustainable income for small growers from rubber farming. How can farmers be kept on the land with viable crop combinations and yield enhancing options? What are the risk management options?
Dr Krissada Sangsing , Director of Production Promotion and Development Division, Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT)
Mr Aly Toure, Permanent Representative of Côte d'Ivoire to International Commodity Organizations
Ms Lisa Peterskovsky, Team Leader Agribusiness, GIZ Indonesia


Networking Tea Break


Plenary 6: Smallholder risk management: Consumer perspective
Quality of raw materials is vital for enhancing efficiency. How do downstream users perceive this and how can they supplement productivity and quality enhancement programmes of growers?
Speaker: Mr Thierry Serres, Technical Director of Natural Rubber, Michelin


Plenary 7 : Tyre industry's strategic outlook and drivers for change
Innovations in raw materials and tyre technology in tune with norms and regulations can affect future elastomer consumption. What is the strategic outlook and how will this impact the elastomer outlook?
Speaker: Mr David Shaw, Chief Executive, Tire Industry Research


Plenary 8: Future of dipped goods industry
Raw material cost and quality pose challenges or opportunities for the expansion of the dipped goods industry in Asia?
Speaker:  Dr Supramaniam, Vice President, MARGMA


Networking Lunch


Plenary 9: Agricultural risk management strategy using financial tools
What strategies are available to producers in order to manage production, price and regulatory risks? What options can be offered to protect rubber growers from these major risks?
Speaker: Mr Masahiro Yamashita, General Manager, Research Institute of Market Structure, TOCOM


Plenary 10: Pricing transparency – Single Market
Can the Single Market, a trading platform that connects the whole supply chain of NR, be an aid in the price discovery process and better manage the actual demand-supply situation?
Speaker: Dr Salmiah Ahmad, CEO, IRCo


Networking Tea Break


Panel discussion: How to address orderly growth?


Adjusting to the new global economic reality and new global paradigms, how should value chain players work together to address strategies aimed at attaining orderly growth?

Dr Nguyen Ngoc Bich, Secretary-General, ANRPC
Mr Anthony Song, Director, IHS
Dr Lekshmi Nair, Head of Economics and Statistics, IRSG
Dr Abdul Aziz, Secretary-General, IRRDB
Mr Rob Simmons, Head of Rubber and Tyre Research, LMC International


End of Summit

World Rubber Summit 2017 Programme - Programme subject to change, correct as of 16 March 2017


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